not feeling dead


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New release from Boy Legs ~ written, recorded, mixed, and mastered in a day by accident.



released October 20, 2016

Lyrics/vox by Lunchbag
Produced by LAVIER



all rights reserved


Crop Circle Club Boone, North Carolina

Boone, North Carolina collective and label.


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Track Name: pug
you ever not care if there's a heaven at all because things are good enough right here? obviously it doesn't last that long probly bc the government probly subsidizes fear, i think u should be able to be happy and also quite queer, i think if I squeeze my eyes shut mad tight and think hard you should be able to hear what's in my brain, i think for every cool thing I've said I maybe sent ten and a half text messages that were lame, i don't think bats are scary or ugly like I used to, I lowkey always loved bruises -like the look & feel too, but if i actually pay attention to my blood not being on the right path I get unsettled, if I entertain the idea that I'm not on the right path as a dude I also get unsettled, i like the basic definition but not the societal context of the word rebel

I've come to test the timbre of my heart and my voice, childhood was animorphs and atta boys, you don't deserve a wife or mom if you think eatin that fruit wasn't also Adam's choice, I like to think I have a pretty solid head on my shoulders but I didn't stop believing many made up stories like I should have when I got older, im a grown ass man, that was supposed to be that knight in shining armour by now, but it's really hard to protect ppl you love from the stuff in their own mind that makes them bummed out

it's really hard
shit is really hard sometimes

there's no getting around that and the more wise and unsure of myself I get the more i don't think there's supposed to be. i promise I'm not a pessimist, i just wanna be honest with myself

did it hurt when you fell from this dimension into the upside down? I hope not
Track Name: carly
I will click every single link with a headline about Nickelodeon stars being all grown up and sexy now, even tho I know I'll have to ex out one hundred adds and get embarrassed if you text me now, why am I not exactly into septum piercings but am pretty super into girls that have septum piercings, is it easier to be permanently transparent if you wear sheer things or nothing at all because that's how we were born I guess, if I were in transfiguration class I would pay extra attention on the day you learn to become a thing that's not high stress, bye dress, bye kimono, by God, never watched bakemonogatari or built a pipe bomb, feel like punk hazard half ice, half not, most real life love stories aren't like titantic but they do capsize and have a bad plot, the police force pinball machine at the laundromat is still broken but I'm not anymore & that feels so good to that that I could shout it but I'd rather whisper, sorry that I don't bathe or change clothes or shave my stubble so when we kiss for too long it makes your lips hurt, sorry that i can't even get the hand signs right for performing even the most basic earth style jutsus, sorry for how acutely human you felt today & most other ones, sorry you know you were born on earth and never feel the need to ask if you're from the sun

Track Name: gold
steps in wrong directions equals 3 times 365, seven seconds in heaven when I unbuttoned your shirt you'd have thought I died, like my big brother almost did when he fell out this big ass tree when we were little but I think he just broke his arm, glanced off every branch on the way down but managed to avoid more serious harm, like you avoid serious commitments, you got a penchant for keeping your distance and I hope you hear me shouting from a thousand yards away that it's alright by me, I don't know if Australians say blimey but if they do then I'd pretend to be Steve Irwin and say that a lot of times per week when I feel weak, cut me deep like cutty flam when tom's workers got shut down by the man, I heard a woman a century old cry out every day after lunch that she was ready to die & you could laugh and punch me til im the same age she was and I would still still scream out the opposite then politely ask the nearest flying bison descendent of appa to sit, quantum physics and shit are not really up my alley but my big brother was thrilled by it in fifth grade if I had strong even fist and adequate rage I'd punch a hole through time and space and make a door to a fifth dimension where nobody has even heard of the phrase Twitter mentions & even after she got chubby people would still act cool to Jessica Simpson, because damn y'all gotta get it thru your skull these women ain't objects, I was being dramatic earlier when I said that thing about steps in wrong directions, what I meant to say is that to me every last breath you've ever taking is precious, like you dress yourself same as a lily bed & im severus

and you were made of oak
& I think I could choke
on the heart on your sleeves
when your hands are on my throat