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tuxedollamas BOY LEGS weaves an expert tapestry of calming, driving beats that articulates the melancholy, the malaise, and the hope of modern life. The childhoods that, to some extent, we all experienced, and the struggles we've all been through. The lyrics are both incredibly somber but yet lighthearted, always landing on a higher note than they started. Their cadence is perfect, and the imagery is better still, full of pop culture references expertly wielded to hit that generational commonality. Favorite track: SOMETHING OUT THERE feat. Hemlock Ernst.
Kerby Olive
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Kerby Olive As an inarticulate person I can't begin to explain how this album has positively impacted my perspective on what is truly important in life. Contained within Pinball Museum is originality, ethereal instrumentals and vivid introspection; raw, heartfelt honesty at its finest. There is such a spectrum of emotions that Boy Legs evoked within me, I feel like I would be cheating the world out of something beautiful if I didn't make sure to share this album with the people I love in my life. Favorite track: UNDER (for the boy, Wes) feat. [V U R N E_B O B B S].
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Rhokeheart The only way I can describe this hip hop is profound! An amazing bandcamp find of some of the freshest music around! Definitely listen to this if you are a fan of hip hop with heart. Favorite track: UNDER (for the boy, Wes) feat. [V U R N E_B O B B S].
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released April 29, 2016

Lyrics and vocal work by Lunchbag
Produced by LAVIER



all rights reserved


Crop Circle Club Boone, North Carolina

Boone, North Carolina collective and label.


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Track Name: NICARAGUA - Single
it's your shitty party why you always crying, why you push me in the bathroom and kiss me then leave me for that asshole, how time pass so slow, been 5 weeks since my ass changed clothes & I might be highly meek but if our eyes meet n you look at me funny you could defly fight me

try to handle things delicately, pretend to be humble but really am hella conceited, been repeatedly and elegantly defeated, who else could make a duplex a palace like we did?

the blinds are open the blinds are open, the kind of sunlight gardens need to grow falls on me kneeling at the altar of you


that's coming from the mudblood malfoy was afraid of, you slept in the smallness of your wants but I stayed up

learned to use the past tense put you in the past hence this distance, dissonance, discord, heart strings played like an ugly fckin harpsichord

& i promise im not bitter & I promise if I knew what one thing it took to make you love me back I still wouldn't do it,

I just wanna watch the way way back and feel better, I remember way way back I never sent sealed letters & im not sure i still feel guilty & im not sure if I've loved one girl that didn't dress up as Mia Wallace & I've honestly always lowkey repulsed by her as a character, and maybe that's profound but probly it's a sidenote, in the pinball museum and I'm scared I'm a psycho, how is this the tree from the seed I sowed, in the pinball museum and I swear I'm a psycho

I pretended I was shikamaru when I played basketball & but Im the one fighting shadow strangles after all, so I'm gohan and gon sans hand gun, not playin with the xan ya mans on it damn wrong too man damn bombs like bam bom boom bow like when soulja beat supa hot, lately- I been sad a supa lot, lately- I been sad a supa lot

Track Name: SCOLA
let me use your Internet to self medicate my loneliness without actually having to carry the weight of human interaction

cause y'all too heavy


this is a house built on anonymous messages I sent comparing you to fictional characters, this is pretending not to see an old lady trip in line at the bank so you don't embarrass her even tho she probly shames mad girls for having sex without getting married first & i don't think it's my place to put my opinion on anything on a pedestal, when it rains it pours and right now I'm the wettest fool but it reminds me of this time when it flooded in my town so all my friends and I put on throwback jerseys and stood by big puddles and begged the cars to help us drown every moment that wasn't this one,

see that's the key: to drown every moment that isn't this one
I've seen these thestrals since I was 16 and I know you can't see the one carrying me but there is one, there is one




you feel like the tiny vibrations in my sternum when I'm laying on my back with my cellphone playing music from my chest, I just want a bedroom above a garage, I just want a place with a door with a lock for myself, I can rest, do a hundred push-ups focus on my health, I'm depressed, I'm a mess worse than my childhood closet, if I could use the full potential of my brain could I pause it, when you're near me like the last time I saw you I said this feels like a Chinese market and I'll never be the same and somehow you knew what that meant
Track Name: THE FLAMES feat. [V U R N E_B O B B S]
am I lost again? in the land of wind?

I am every cliche with some vans on, standing on the driveway we used to build ramps on, when our veins were still green and mom and dad used to sleep in the same bed, eyes close smile at the smell of dead leaves, I ain't gonna get my way just because I said please, my best friend's growing up and getting married, I'm just floating sailing on the fckin going merry, the king of the pirates still feigns confidence, I make raps like lunch lady compliments, modest mouses and honest kids, love doesn't mean that you've never broken promises, rode a roller board across a whole continent, to find you and finally remind you, you were the day of forty four sunsets, funny how a sight for sore eyes can blind you, you gave me pause like that girl from night raid, I laid wide awake while the time stayed,
broken frozen stuck where it was, you said you loved me with the windows nailed shut, broken frozen stuck where I am, laid on my back while our ghosts hold hands,

laid on my back on this trampoline, in the snowfall and I can't hear a damn thing, over the sound of this moment being exactly what I need

every step is one less we have left, but one more that we had together
Track Name: ROSIN
whole body weapon like im seryu ubiquitous, the impetus is not to impress or to kiss an empress, this a limerick to demonstrate my soul is the limberest, nimblest, quick to state that there is no resemblance between us and anybody using hate speech, IF U HATE BLACK PEOPLE I HOPE YOU HATE ME

if you're always afraid of what's different then you're probly an illiterate prude that only catches like 6 geodudes and gets your ass kicked by my lapras as I flip off the establishment and then get like six daps from kids

I'll say anything until somebody spay me, if you like boys that fake all their confidence date me

my aesthetic is I didn't know I was gonna leave the house, bleeding mouth, chapped lips, eatin out a pita pouch, back flips better now than they ever been before, sword of gryffindor give you anything you need in doubt, and you needn't doubt cuz lately it feels like there's plenty uncertainty to go around,

am I too old to put on headphones and pretend my parents are saying nice things to each other like maybe they did back when they were actually lovers, this the after image of how quick I used to move when I heard ask your mother, 2 blasphemous brothers that fought a lot and learned a lot, most people I know that go without deserve a lot, and the ones with their belly full of entitlement certainly do not, trying to carry with me the concept that my mindset is the size of a needle dot on the skin of the universe, I'm soon immersed in a monsoon of mirth, if our mom is the earth why the hell there so much about living here that I have a difficult time grasping, gasping, pillar of self leaning but somehow never lapsing

pillar of self leaning but somehow never lapsing

dude pretends to be a robot pretending to be a dude, if I could have one super power it would be to stop thinking girls are cute so I'd stop acting like a jack ass, but that's so unrealistic because dang girls are the prettiest thing of all time & im sorry for trickin u into thinking my aliveness went past being a fault line, there is no bridging this gap, the void of me & please dear God listen it's not a boy you need, & I don't know how to be strong, I don't know how to be strong so i clothe myself in gifted armor & i never change

how can I be strong? how can I be strong, for you?
Track Name: SOMETHING OUT THERE feat. Hemlock Ernst
*Hemlock Ernst*


a fake wise man said nothing is more probable, so I got it tattooed and pretended educated truths weren't audible, and my moms is responsible for rearing the fake modest oddest ball u know,

it's so many ins and outs, it's so many instances of doubt, that I just shut my mouth and keep quiet bout, out of shame for not believing in myself half as much as everybody else does, why it don't work when I give myself a hug, i believe god can speak but it seldom does

so I'm trying hard not to be a loner anymore & I'm trying hard to believe I don't gotta be alone anymore, cause she's sleeping on phone write now while I write this down and hope the clicks from the virtual keyboard don't wake her, cause she got work in the morning and I don't wanna break her, she worries that she was meant for more than a salary, (& she's right) even tho her whole entire family is proud as can be, I don't know if Adam was real or just a literary device but im adamant you feel like the space between my ribs where another one used to be and that's a little scary at night, when the dark parts of me get afraid that I might be bright,

being light is something i can't bring myself to take lightly
why do good things happen to dumb dudes like me?
why do good things happen to dumb dudes like me?

-stumble down the street awkwardly, I am only ways that I've got to be
Track Name: UNDER (for the boy, Wes) feat. [V U R N E_B O B B S]
it helps if you just lift your gaze a little bit
maybe this is all just an exercise in patience
I told you it helps if you just lift your gaze a little bit

this is all in your mind, this isn't a VHS you rented from the movie store when you were a kid, there is no rewinding this, there is only unbinding this, there is no unfinding this, there is only redefining this thing that now defines you, if you'd just adjust your gaze you could be in a fine mood, you're a coward, you're the worst kind of coward, the lamp that's afraid of the dark, you could go in there and fix this, you could fix everything you could make this better for everyone so get up and stop sleeping on the floor, stop ignoring the parts of yourself that used to exist and still would if you'd let them, you don't know shit about Bethlehem, sure one of your brothers is dead but there are a hundred that still need you, how you gonna act invincible and be surprised when you bleed dude, there are more life giving things than girls wearing dresses that are a little but see through, how did you get so hesitant, who says you get to decide who is and is not heavensent, so what if the whole world slows down when you see her, who cares if she's all you can think about, who cares if your insides hurt in the most hollow way literally all day every day, don't waste your fckin life don't waste your fckin life don't waste your fckin LIFE!!!! even if it feels like a waste to go on alone it can't be, Carry what you crossed your heart with when you hoped to die.

dawdling audibly through poverty, pondering these time travel mirrors and I laugh at myself haughtily, it won't be this way forever, I would like the tree of sadness that comes pre potted please, i would like to amount to nothing more than watching the first 6 episodes of nichijou, while I eat an equal number of beefy frity burritos tho, seed and sow, reap and grow, beads of hope, hanging in necklaces more miles long than my sister is aged old, or stories on stages told by a boy who used to want to be an actor and could've been really good at it, why didn't that work out why does he now sleep on a couch with fire sauce stains on it, why does it look like he's floating, he says it feels like he is too, why does he hate the taste of most beverages you have to brew, hacked in two by the swords crossing Leonardo's shell, couldn't care less about any circle if Dante's hell, he never read it and he doesn't believe that's what we're meant for, tight feeling in his stomach at dinner because he spent more than he told himself he was allowed to, noticing wisdom rarely falls out the mouths of loud dudes, he doesn't even rhyme he doesn't even care to make his self or it's expression presentable, he made a full court basketball shot twice on separate occasions and that's what makes him happiest, calls himself joyboy without even getting the reference yet, hopes every person that loves each other romantically kisses and has hecka sex, it's like we're on the same page somewhere there's a still a disconnect, four times four times infinity is how long his stamina lasts, turns all this pain into fervor and trains a blastoise that he never used to battle anyone, frequently wishes he owned a mini gun but only to shoot out the street lights outside places he lives so he can see the real stars, he doesn't care if they're dead yet, he doesn't care if he's dead yet, he doesn't care about anything outside of making people feel okay and sitting on a porch in a rocking chair, eating vegetables he doesn't even like as a way to say "I love you, I love you, I will always listen to you, I will quietly compress myself into a diamond that I realize has no actual worth outside of societal constructs, so what do you think is most beautiful I would promise to transfigure myself into it but I don't have to because that's what I've always been. I will not alter myself on any altar for anyone, I am who I am when I am who I am when I am me, I am the blue spirit if he still wore white socks, I am the determination that almost are the night lock, I am the keeper of the underlying alwayses, I am the back strong enough to bear the weight of all gazes that haven't been tilted upwards yet like I asked, hyphen dash hi finn hyper blast if i were fast enough this would be that time on powerpuff girls where they saw how scary the future was and had to figure out how to get back to the past, i can ride this river in real time, i can ride this river at the speed of life, i can trust the current and how easily it's manipulated by the push and pull of my own arms, i can trust that i am too small for this to be the end of anything, i just need a moment to sit still before my eyelids turn orange & i can finally help.

I was shaken like when Amelie was on the moped, now im shaken like when Amelie was on he train,

I am trust shaped like a human with some skin holding it together, trying to find out how I spoke before I learned letters, trying to figure out how to speak without words but probably distancing myself from that by using all these words, give me all the hurts you have and I will hold them, I am armament embodied, externalizing my whole self to be more one with whatever is near me, living so that I never have to say out loud again that you don't have to fear me
Track Name: SENZU feat. Jon Charles Dwyer
I close my eyes and muster every ounce I've got to give and spiritually turn it into the healing myself so that you'll feel better forever, go forth from this placed whole and find your treasure,

please accept the last of my power as a humble offering laid prostrate with the goal of revitalizing your okayness, it's honestly unbelievable how unbelievable it is to hear myself say this, I'm ok, I'm ok

so are you

this land is holy as we make it, and the kind hands facilitate the safeness of gay kids, brown people and girls that aren't asking for anything from anyone regardless of how naked, we are the well wishers who's best efforts are never wasted, we are the inconsequential disobeyers gardening what we know without fail will last longer than the hate did

I'm ok

so are you


*jon charles dwyer*